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    Tailor-Made SharePoint Solutions:
    Infrastructure, Design, Implementation & Development
    (yes... we have it all)

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    Company Platform Solutions:
    Search, WIKI, Company Portal & Mobile interface

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    SharePoint Efficiency Tools:
    Auto-Tagging, PDF Convertor, UnZip & Item Aggregator



We are focusing on tailor-made SharePoint solutions for documents management, Search Driven Applications, efficiency tools & Company portals.

Our Experience: with over 30 years combined experience, we handle all SharePoint needs cross versions, cross platforms (on premise & cloud).

Our Vision: We provide SharePoint services as a ‘one stop shop’ company.


We provide the following services:

System Administration

Planning, installing & maintaining all SharePoint environments.

Company Portals

Creating an end to end company portal (Development & Implementation).


Building public web sites based on SharePoint platform among other concurrent web platforms.


Automating company work processes into a workflow based web systems.


We have the knowledge & experience to maximize your resources into a better & reliable farm.


We have lots of hours of migrating content & upgrading SharePoint environments.

Core Development

Core Development from server side solutions into client side apps.


'End to end' Nintex workflows (Web Services Dev. included) & Core SharePoint Workflows.


Search Driven Applications for a one-stop-shot data source.


Tailor-Made SharePoint Solutions


Automatic identification of relevant terms and document tagging. The tool is automatically tagging the most suitable tags for document after uploading it. This tool can be used for migrating from old system and / or automatically tagging without even knowing the content of the document.

PDF Converter

Converts any MS-Office (*InfoPath included)\PDF\Text\Picture document to a PDF & merge any amount of files into a single PDF file.


Unpack contents from a zip file to the Document Library While maintaining the same Folder structure as the original Zip file has. Oh, and without any limit on the number of files.

Libraries Aggregation

A full view of different libraries, From different sites & site collections in a single WebPart, Maintaining the functionality of the List View Web Part.

Company Portal

Advanced, comprehensive portal solution based on the Content Approval mechanism. Its unique additional features make it the best solution for a True cross-organization knowledge sharing.

Mobile Interface

A Mobile Interface for SharePoint 2010/13, Based on SharePoints Out of the box RESTful API, with Tailor-Made modifications provided.

Sanitize Documents

A document scanner Services, which scans a document for forbidden keywords (Based on the Term Store), and provides a real-time report.

'Move To' feature

Item & Folder 'Move To' feature (with a click of a button), including its content & all of its versions.

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Phone: +972-54-9983585

Phone: +972-54-9983585